Thanks again for taking the time to fill out our survey.  
You have helped in making the fair better.
1. Did you attend the fair this year (2016)?
     If you did attend, what did you like?  If not, WHY?  
     What attracted you to the fair?  (type comment in box)

2. Do you feel the gate price is too high? (type comment in box)

3. Would you prefer to see a two tier pricing system at the gate? 
    • One price for rides and all events and another just to watch  events? 
     (type comment in box) 

4. Would you attend the Fair if it were another weekend rather than     the last weekend of August? 

5. What type of events would you prefer to see at the fair? 

6. Would you attend the fair if there were no "Big Name" musicians     and just local bands providing entertainment? 
     (Type comment in box below)

7. Would you attend the fair if there was no carnival?  

8. The Fair is always in need of volunteers; would you be    
    interested in volunteering?

9. What is your age bracket? Please choose one. 

The Gogebic County Fair Board in association with the Gogebic County Board of Commisioners are interested in what you think about the Gogebic County Fair.  Please complete the survey below and help make the fair better.  For a printable version to mail in,  click here.